3 Expensive Mistakes That You Need To Avoid While Launching a Website

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Launching a new website? Already started celebrating for the future success of the site?Wait, not so fast!! Launching a functioning website is not a guarantee that the website will be popular and the products of your company will be sold through that. There are scopes for you to make grave mistakes. To ensure that your website engages the people from day one, you should always seek help from the internet marketing agencies Toronto. However, below are listed some of the biggest and of course costliest mistake that you can make while launching a website.

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Quantity over Quality

What do you do to search anything on the internet?

Most probably, you will Google it.

It is very common to get started with the AdWords without even understanding the basics of the tool. The hankering of more visitors makes you forget about the fact whether they generate leads or not. Using popular and generic keywords can funnel tons of visitors to your site, but rarely will they generate any business for you. To get over these mistakes you should get in touch with the internet marketing agencies Toronto.

If you want to solve the problem yourself then decide which one is the most relevant keyword for your products and use them properly. Remember, 100 good visitors are way better than 10000 bouncing ones.

marketing agenciesUnderestimating Curiosity of General People

The internet is like a pool full of every type of fishes. You will get a mishmash of people most of whom have not attended Harvard. In simpler words, if you use too generic words for your ad, then you will get visitors who have absolutely no interest to your site. Place your ad a little below the page to avoid the nosy people who will click on anything they see. Also, make your site a little easier to understand than it actually is. Take help of the internet marketing agencies Toronto to understand what part of your website needs to be changed immediately.

Ignoring Humans

Are you trying to launch a B2B business site?

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Before deciding the signing up process answers a question. Will you sign up to any other business sites paying your hard earned money, without knowing what they can actually offer to you?


The problem of most B2B site is that they forget about the importance of human interaction. Giants like Microsoft and Salesforce have a dedicated sales team to communicate with the client. The client wants to know who they are dealing with. They want to question every service that you will be providing. They just need assurance. Give them that. Contact the web design Toronto to understand the requirements of the clients and improve your website accordingly.

If you do not have the resources to seek professional help, start to make some little change yourself. You can set up a dedicated phone line or collect the mail ids of the clients to answer all their questions. To make a visitor convert to a client, you need to nurture, cajole and educate them.

These are the most general and somewhat stupid mistakes that people make while launching their websites. Make sure that you do not make the same mistakes as others. Contact the internet marketing agencies Toronto for any help that you require. Invest the money that you are going to spend on these mistakes to make your site robust and better.