A small player in a thriving industry Customer Choice Windows and Doors Inc. has been serving its community since 1987. After many years of using windows from other suppliers and dealerships Paul Gangaram (President and Founder) decided this industry needs a change, it needs a better quality window.

Two years ago January 2007 after many years of extensive research he opened his own line of windows, using the OMNI 9400 series by Soniplastics to create an overall better product. The Omni 9400 series profile is a pure European PVC, it does not use any recycled materials making it a well constructed profile. It has multiple chamber profiles for optimum thermal insulation, triple weather-strips located on the sash to maximum air and water tightness. This profile extruded with a PVC compound powder which gives a glossy finish and reduces dirt adherence. The best thing about this product is the slider windows sash tilts inside to make the cleaning process easier.